Lokahi Apartments

Photo Credit:  Lokahi Apartments

Photo Credit: Lokahi Apartments

Client: Vitus Group
Project Size: 208,000 sf (18 Buildings)


  • Utility Bill Analysis
  • PV and Solar Thermal Modeling

On the sunny side of Hawaii’s big island is Lokahi Apartments, a new cluster of 18 - 3 story walk-up buildings built in 2010.  The buildings include large solar PV and water heating systems, designed with the intent of offsetting all the common area electricity and dwelling unit hot water heating needs with the renewable power of the sun.  Modeling of renewable energy systems was not completed during the design phase, so it was unknown if the systems were performing above or below their anticipated capacity.  360 developed hourly simulations of the each of the relevant building systems and loads for each of the three prototypical buildings located at the site, and compared the models to the actual building utility bills.  The analysis resulted in a detailed list of recommended maintenance, controls, and efficiency measures for the owner to implement.