Energy Metering

Quincy Wastewater Treatment Plant

Client: PACE Engineers
Project Size: 1 equipment building


  • On-Site Performance Assessment
  • Energy Consumption Submetering
  • Measurement and Verification (M&V)

The Quincy Municipal Water Reclamation Facility receives and treats residential, commercial and industrial wastewater from the community and agricultural industries.  In response to recent increases in wastewater loading, the City of Quincy is seeking to increase capacity in the two sequencing batch reactors by installing a new, higher capacity aeration diffuser grid, and increasing blower output.

360 Analytics was engaged by PACE Engineers to perform an on-site energy audit, as well to assist in development and implementation of a measurement and verification (M&V) plan, including accounting for plant loading increases throughout the post-retrofit reporting period.

Sun Tower

Client/Architect: Environmental Works
Project Size: 95,000 sf


  • Utility Bill Analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • On-site Performance Assessment
  • Energy Metering
  • Model Calibration
  • Efficiency Measure Analysis

Sun Tower is a 200 unit, affordable senior living and assistance community located in the sunny heart of Washington State.  The developer and architect team, inspired by some of the work presented on the success of the Green Communities Project, engaged 360 Analytics to help identify and prioritize energy and water efficiency updates as part of a major renovation.  360 Analytics completed a site assessment, including a robust sampling of ventilation and water fixture flow rates.  Two years of energy, water, and solid waste utility bills were compiled, and degree-day regression models were developed to identify the heating, cooling, and base load energy flows.  Using the site measurements and energy monitoring data from past projects, the models were further refined to identify other end-use flows, such as elevators and hot water heating.  The analysis gave the owners and design team a better understanding how utility dollars were being spent, and is being used to prioritize retrofit funds. In addition, 360 Analytics design review led to identifying a suitable heat pump HVAC replacement option, available for a negligible additional cost over the electric resistance option.