Achieve building performance goals, save money, and reduce environmental impact


At 360 Analytics, we focus specifically on analyzing and verifying how new and existing buildings use energy and other resources. Our clients can depend on us for a broad range of modeling and evaluation services, as well as recommendations on the latest efficiency strategies. From design phase to operations, we are passionate about helping you pursue efficiency throughout the life-cycle of your building. Not only do we work with building owners and designers on real buildings, we also develop new software for the industry.



For Efficiency, Compliance, and Cost Savings

  • Early scoping, shoebox modeling, and goal setting
  • Design phase energy modeling and evaluation of energy, water and other efficiency measures
  • Modeling to support compliance with green building standards, such as LEED and Built Green
  • Energy code compliance analysis and documentation (Washington State Energy Code (WSEC), Seattle Energy Code (SEC), California T24, ComCheck)
  • Utility incentive programs
  • Utility Allowance modeling and calculations for low income housing providers
  • Peer-review and assistance for other energy modelers


To Achieve Optimal Building Performance

  • New construction commissioning for:
    • LEED Midrise, LEED BD&C Fundamental and Enhanced
    • Washington State Energy Code (WSEC), Seattle Energy Code (SEC)
  • Measurement and verification (M&V) plans
  • Development of owner project requirements (OPR)
  • Basis of design (BOD), specifications, and submittal review
  • Define and verify energy and water meter requirements


Of Building Performance

  • Utility bill analysis, including energy, water, and other utilities
  • Portfolio and individual building benchmarking
  • Energy audits and other on-site assessment of building systems
  • Simple payback and life-cycle cost analysis (LCCA)
  • Calibration of whole building energy models
  • 12-month post-occupancy comparison of energy model results to actual utility bills included with most contracts
  • Design review and recommendations for efficiency


Of Our Trade

We utilize a variety of modeling tools and analysis methods, and even develop tools for the industry.

  • eQUEST/DOE-2.2/DOE-2.2R, BDL expressions, eQUEST Batch Processing
  • OpenStudio, EnergyPlus, BEopt
  • California Building Energy Code Compliance - Commercial (CBECC-Com) and Residential (CBECC-Res)
  • WINDOW/OPTICS and THERM two-dimensional finite element analysis
  • Natural Resources Canada (NRC) WATSUN (solar water heating) and GS2000 (ground loop heat exchangers), and RETScreen(R)
  • NREL's System Advisor Model (SAM) for PV, Solar Thermal and Wind
  • RELUX lighting analysis software
  • COMcheck, ENVstd and other energy code compliance tools
  • Climate Consultant, DView, ResultsViewer, and other data visualization tools
  • ECAM and custom multi-variable regression analysis of utility data
  • Spreadsheets, spreadsheets, and more spreadsheets!